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Our Vision

To maximize the role of Lions Clubs to be essential to their communities.

Our Mission

To provide effective tools, support and encouragement to strengthen Lionism in Indiana.

Message from the Council Chair

Since 1918, the Lions of Indiana have unselfishly served their communities, establishing themselves as the most active service organization in their area.In many of the same areas the Lions are known as the "go-to group" in order to get things accomplished. This is due to the collective efforts of the membership and their dedication to contributing to making the World a better place. Whether you are currently a Lion or considering joining a local club, you will find a wide variety of information on this site that will aid in "Strengthening Our Pride!"

I look forward to seeing the results of your efforts as we continue to prepare to celebrate the FIRST hundred years of Lionism. Our motto is "We Serve" - it is the glue that binds us and in two words describes what we do best!

Reed Fish, Council Chair (2014-2015)

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